They threaten the church with fines.
They are trying to take our church property.
These are the politicians that we voted in.
I make a motion we get rid of all of them.
Let them find real jobs.





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Take a just a moment and read the information below

it's all true and this is the tip of the iceberg

LIES about
Public safety
crime going down

Investigation: Cobra Investigation Licensed by the Maryland State Police has concluded a 33 month investigation that totaled 2043 man hours. A report was sent to Governor Martin O'Malley and nothing was done to correct the problem. In fact reports have been sent to many politicians, and no one seems to care. Who will be next, a small child, a mother on her way to the store, the police officer setting in his vehicle or the store owner that works all day to provide for his family. The crimes are NOT caused by first time offenders. Check the records, pulls the files or better yet contact me and I will show you 35 years of files, records, letters and e-mails. All showing without a doubt the state knows about the problem and they could care less about public safety.

Evidence obtained from the following:

Undercover agents at meetings, informants, signed affidavits from repeat offenders, information provided after requesting documents by using the Public Information Act, a list of witnesses willing to testify in a court of law, phone records, e-mails, personal letters, probation agent willing to testify at a grand jury and a court of law, 35 years of records from the Alpha Program, letters from Administrative Judge Circuit Court Baltimore County, letters from Baltimore County Health Department, letters form DHMH, forms filled by probation agents to Motor Vehicle Administration knowingly providing false information, certified letters that have been sent to state official’s, meeting with Federal Bureau of Investigation Baltimore Office, Protective General’s Office and the Attorney General Douglas Gansler.

Issue of Public Safety:
Certified letters and repeat warnings about public safety issues that have been created by the Division of Parole and Probation have been sent to Governor O'Malley, Attorney General Douglas Gansler and the Division of Parole and probation. 

Investigation clearly shows a cover up by the State of Maryland and Baltimore County

Probation supervisors Joseph Clocker and Thomas McGrain did lie to the Administrative Judges in both the Circuit Court of Baltimore County and the District Court of Baltimore County. Both of these supervisors knowingly and willfully provided false information to the courts to cover up the truth about closing cases of repeat offenders. Mr. Earnest Eley supervisor over Mr. Clocker and Mr. McGrain also had knowledge of the lies being told to the courts.

These are the people that knew about the problem and did nothing

  • Governor Martint O’Malley
  • Lt. Governor Anthony Brown
  • Attorney General Douglas Gansler
  • Secretary Gary Maynard Division of Parole and Probation
  • Senator Ben Cardin who did refer the problem back to Senator Norman Stone
  • Senator Barbara Milkuski
  • Senator Norman Stone
  • Kevin Kamenetz Baltimore County Executive
  • Dr. Branch Director of Baltimore County Health Department
  • David Goldman BBH Baltimore County
  • John Olszewski Sr. Baltimore County Councilman
  • Delegate Mike Weir
  • Delegate John Olszewski Jr. a former teacher who wants to be a Senator
  • Thomas V. Russell, Inspector General

 Also covering up the truth and assisting probation was Secretary Joshua M. Sharfstein M.D. Ms. Kathleen Rebbert Franklin Deputy Mr. Donald Hall, and Jackie Arthur all from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

What communities have been affected? All of Baltimore County and Baltimore City. However, our investigation clearly shows the practice of closing cases of repeat offenders all of the State of Maryland. We know that hundreds of cases have been closed in Dundalk and Essex over the past 3 years. However, if we looked at the entire State of Maryland we could be looking at thousands of repeat offenders having their cases closed out simply by enrolling in a program, that they never having to attend.

Dr. R. L. Wright





















































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